ACTIVE MEMBERS | $10 annually

Active members are those students who have previously paid an initiation fee and have been inducted into a chapter. To remain in an active status, students and officers pay this annual fee at the beginning of each school year (September).

FACULTY |  $10 annually

Any faculty member wishing to hold membership will be considered active upon payment of $10.00 dues annually. No initiation fee is required.

FACULTY SPONSORS | no dues required

A limit of two faculty members to act as sponsors is requested to facilitate communication between local and international offices. Sponsors are requested to supervise all reports to the international office to insure accuracy.

PATRON | no dues are required

This title is bestowed upon any person or community group who makes a significant gift to a local chapter. A certificate is made available for presentation.

LIFETIME MEMBER |  $200, paid only once

Contributions are made to the International Scholarship Endowment. The Life Member receives a special certificate and all publications. (Tax deductible)


Paid upon the request of reactivating a chapter.

ALUMNI | $10 annually

This category includes members of the organization who have received their degree but who wish to remain in touch with Kappa Pi.

ASSOCIATE MEMBER | $25 initiation/$10 annually

Community persons or educational faculty other than art can receive membership with a local chapter by following the same procedures as a student initiate: $25.00 upon initiation and $10.00 after the first year.

HONORARY MEMBER | No dues required

Given to Nationally and Internationally recognized artists/craftsmen. Names are presented
to the president and Board for vote.