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Membership & Fees

INITIATES or NEW MEMBERS | $25 initiation/$10 annually

The students who are new to the organization and who are being inducted into a chapter will pay $25.00 their first year. Initiates/New Members will receive a membership certificate, pin, and will be considered active members for one year. The $25.00 fee is considered as initiation and first year dues. Following their first year, these students may opt to become Returning Members.

RETURNING MEMBERS | $10 annually

Active members are those students who have previously paid an initiation fee and have been inducted into a chapter. To remain in an active status and qualify for the Kappa Pi Scholarship competition and other benefits, students and chapter officers must pay this annual fee.

FACULTY |  $10 annually

Any faculty member wishing to hold membership will be considered active upon payment of $10.00 dues annually. No initiation fee is required.

FACULTY SPONSORS | no dues required

A limit of two faculty members to act as sponsors is requested in order to help facilitate communication between local chapters and the Kappa Pi International offices.

ALUMNI | $10 annually

This category includes members of the organization who have received their degree, and who wish to remain to remain as active members of Kappa Pi.

ASSOCIATE MEMBER | $25 initiation/$10 annually

Community persons or educational faculty other than art can receive membership with a local chapter by following the same procedures as a student initiate: $25.00 upon initiation and $10.00 after the first year.

HONORARY MEMBER | No dues required

Given to Nationally and Internationally recognized artists/craftsmen. Names are presented
to the president and Board for vote.

PATRON | no dues are required

This title is bestowed upon any person or community group who makes a significant gift to a local chapter. A certificate is made available for presentation.

LIFETIME MEMBER |  $200, paid only once

Contributions are made to the International Scholarship Endowment. The Life Member receives a special certificate and all publications. (Tax deductible)


Paid upon the request of reactivating a chapter.

Kappa Pi International Art Honor Society
11000 University Parkway
Building 82, Room 263
Pensacola, FL 32514


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